I am delighted to welcome parents, pupils, partners and potential new friends to our website. We hope you find the information you require and we will endeavour to keep our community well informed about the exciting activities and opportunities within and outwith the school. The website works in conjunction with our social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter and our formal systems via the Xpressions app, email and traditional methods and we are always happy to hear what you think about any aspects of the school.

We aim to provide an excellent service to our community, through inspiring teaching, adventurous strategies and a range of lessons, activities and opportunities that enhance the experience of all of our learners. We want our young people to help shape their school and to excel both in the skills they need to achieve their academic potential, and in the other skills they will require for life and work. We nurture talent and encourage our young people to be brave and not to fear failure but to accept this as part of the learning process along their journey to success.

We have strong relationships with our parents, our community, local businesses and other organisations and with an ever growing range of partners that help us provide strong support and a wide range of experiences. Please do not hesitate to contact the school for further information.


Robert Williamson
Head Teacher