home learning

Welcome parents, pupils, partners and potential new friends to our website. These are difficult times and we hope you are well and that you are successfully keeping yourselves and your families safe. We are all desperately missing your young people and looking forward to their return when we all come through this…and we WILL come through this. In the meantime we are trying as best as we can to support our young people and more details on this can be found by clicking the link above. The website works in conjunction with our social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter and our formal systems via the Xpressions app, email and traditional methods and I am in regular contact with our parent Council who have been supporting our efforts throughout this crisis. All of our pupils have work in all of their subjects on Google Classrooms. Please ask your young children to show you their work and feel free to feedback to us on this. We will try to keep you informed as best as we can but we are also keenly aware that you may be facing challenges of your own and that your priority will be the physical and mental health of your children and we completely share this priority.

Look after yourselves, your families and each other.

Robert Williamson
Head Teacher