Anti-Bullying at Hermitage Academy


At Hermitage Academy we want our children and young people to feel safe and secure and able to build positive relationships with peers and with adults. The overarching principle is that we should all be Friends Against Bullying (FAB) and support this ethos. Our school welcomes and encourages diversity and individuality, while emphasizing our commitment to moral values such as Support, Respect, Integrity, Thoughtfulness, Compassion and Justice. As a Silver level Rights Respecting School, the fundamental principles are that all who are involved in the life of our school have the right to be respected as individuals and have the responsibility to act in a considerate and respectful manner towards others. We endeavour to foster an environment which is supportive and promotes mutual respect.


As part of our Anti-Bullying campaign, the S6 FAB Ambassadors have created an anonymous survey for S1 - S4 pupils to gather information from pupils about their experiences and views of online bullying as well as asking for ideas on how this could be managed better. Their responses will be used to work towards preventing online bullying at Hermitage Academy.

Pupils can access the survey via their HWB Google Classroom, or they can attend Miss Elliott's classroom at break or lunch to get help to access and complete the survey.

The deadline for completing the survey is Wednesday 9th December 2020


About FAB


FAB is a group of S1-S6 pupils within Hermitage Academy who help to implement Hermitage’s anti-bullying (AB) policy. They are on duty in the hall and in the playground at lunch and break times. They are easily approachable and help support other pupils. They meet once a week to discuss AB methods and advice.


How can you help?


If you suspect bullying is happening please contact your child’s guidance teacher as soon as possible. The school has an effective AB policy in place (this can be found on the school website). Your child’s guidance teacher will take appropriate action (in consultation with your child and yourself) in order to stop the bullying and prevent it from happening again. You as a parent/guardian should try to reassure your child and comfort them. You should also be aware that these things take time and are not always easy to overcome at first. The school is committed to resolving all matters of this nature.

For more information or advice look for the AB policy 2018-19 and information leaflets posted on the school website.


Current Prevention & Support Strategies - (Supporting FAB Ethos)

  1. Hermitage Academy Anti - Bullying Policy. (FAB group input in consultation process)
  2. FAB approach used by staff and taught to FAB S6.
  3. S6 pupils certificated for involvement in Hermitage Academy Leadership Academy Anti – Bullying program.
  4. All S6 pupils made “buddies” with S1 pupils. FAB Ambassadors paired up with more vulnerable S1's.
  5. Counselling / communication skills taught to FAB S6 pupils.
  6. Guidance staff can make a referral for FAB befriender support for pupils experiencing difficulties with bullying behaviour.
  7. Health and Wellbeing lessons implemented in S1, S2 and S3 with anti – bullying content.
  8. FAB S6 pupils visit Primary 7 classes as part of the P7/S1 transition program.
  9. FAB S6 on duty at break and lunch to be a visible presence and support younger pupils. Big Hall, playground and school transport monitored. Rota established at start of each session.
  10. FAB S6 deliver an assembly to S1 pupils to raise awareness and educate pupils about bullying issues.
  11. FAB Notice board – photographs of FAB S6, anti – bullying information, posters and leaflets.
  12. FAB/Parents page on school website with useful links for pupils and parents.
  13. FAB organisation of anti-bullying week activities to raise awareness of bullying as an issue and raise funds for anti-bullying charities.
  14. FAB members involved in anti-bullying week assemblies.
  15. FAB members deliver anti-bullying lessons during anti-bullying week to S1 classes.
  16. FAB developed pupil and parent information leaflets with anti-bullying advice and information. (To be found in Documents Section


Useful Websites: