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Key contacts

Mr D Morgan - Acting Head Teacher 


Miss M Stewart - Depute Head Teacher

Mrs K Fraser - Guidance A1

Mrs G Biennier - Guidance A2

Mr T Berrall - Pupil Support 


Mrs R Mackay -  Depute Head Teacher

Miss K Brady - Guidance B1

Mr D McArthur - Guidance B2 

Mrs C McAuley -Pupil Support


Mr D Munro - Acting Depute Head Teacher 

Mr G Turnbull - Guidance C1

Mrs M McGinlay - Guidance C2

Mr S McKenzie - Pupil Support


Ms K Muir - Depute Head Teacher

Mr A Arbuckle - Guidance D1

Mrs L Henderson - Guidance D2

Mrs D Brewer - Pupil Support 

 Other Key Contacts

Mrs J Harvey - PT CfE Whole School

Mrs C Kennedy - Faculty Head of Wellbeing, Equality & Inclusion (Enrolments)

Mrs E Whitfield - Family Liaision Officer