Eco Schools

Eco Schools 2019-20


Welcome to the Hermitage Academy Eco Schools web page. Eco Schools is now back up and running and there is lots going on. Many hands make light work so please do encourage your child to get involved!


Eco Committee

The Eco Committee has now been elected and Eco Committee Meetings are now taking place. There is lots of work to do this year to ensure we have ticked all the boxes to achieve Green Flag status so, even if some pupils have not been elected onto the Committee, their contributions will be much appreciated!


Lunchtime Eco Clubs

There are 3 Eco clubs running at lunchtimes. They are drop-in clubs so pupils are free to join in whenever they wish to/ are able. For more details, please click on the links to the individual clubs at the left-hand side of the page.

  • Trash Mob
  • 3Gs (Green Gardening Group)
  • Ecobricking & Recycling


Upcoming Events

There are a variety of events, listed below, planned for the period in the run-up to the winter holidays. Sign-up sheets, where applicable, can be found outside the Modern Languages base. Please click on the link to Upcoming Events and Hermitage Park Community Kitchen Garden Project at the left-hand side of the page for further information.

  • Hermitage Park Community Kitchen Garden Project
  • Plastic Free Christmas Workshop



Mrs McLeod, October 2019