Eco Schools

Eco Schools 2018-19


Welcome to the Hermitage Academy Eco Schools web page. We are making a huge effort this year to really get Eco Schools up and running with the aim of earning our first Green Flag award in 2 years’ time.


Eco Schools is as much about educating and informing as it is about action. We aim to inform pupils and the local community about environmental issues in our school, our local community and the world around us and facilitate a change of habit for the better.


This year we have 8 Eco Ambassadors who are in charge of running the group.


Every half term we have an Eco Committee Meeting attended by the Eco Class Reps from each I-Time Class across the school, from S1 to S6. Their job is to report any issues or ideas from the Class to the Committee and inform the Class of the proceedings at the Committee Meeting.


Finally we have the Eco Club, which is held every Monday lunchtime in C124. This is open to all pupils and staff, who can drop by any time they are free. The Club is where we put all the ideas from the Committee Meetings into practice and develop further, related ideas.


Please use the links at the side of the page to discover more detail about our Committee, our Club and any Events (including our monthly trips to Hermitage Park where, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Fund, we are creating a Community Kitchen Garden).