Earth Day - 22nd April

Several pupils and staff volunteered to stay behind after school and do a litter pick of the woods behind the school. A great time was had by all, we gathered 13 sacks of litter in an hour, yet we barely dented the litter in the woods. There is a lot more work for us to do in the future, both collecting litter but also, more importantly, in changing attitudes!



For the academic year 2018-2019 Hermitage Academy Eco Group have decided to take the following actions to tackle Litter:

  1. Raise awareness in school of why littering is so bad for the environment and local communities.
  2. Increase the number of waste streams that can be recycled in school.
  3. Run monthly campaigns to discourage littering.
  4. Have monthly litter picks in school.
  5. Raise awareness of local litter picks.


June 2019

In April some classes from S1 & S2 took part in the Great British Spring Clean 2019, with a litter pick of the woods behind and beside the school. This was a sponsored event to raise funds for bins for recycling and to support the local environmental charity, ACT, that the Eco Committee voted to support. An amazing amount of litter was removed - well over 30kg - well done to everyone involved!

Due to a lack of supply work, Mrs McLeod has not been in school so no further anti-litter campaign have taken place. These will resume at the start of the next academic year.


March 2019

In January Eco Reps shared the litter quiz & recycling facilities with their i-time classes and in February posters were placed around the school and on the dining tables but unfortunately there was very little noticeable difference in the amount of litter around the school. The Weekly Eco Facts have been about litter this term and in March corridors were made out of bounds during break and lunchtime and Mr Munro has been encouraging pupils to bin their rubbish at lunchtime by bringing the bins to them in the dining hall. This does seem to have made a difference inside but outside is still problematic.

The S1 litter pickers from Mr Simpson’s Maths class collected all the waste in a single, mixed bag in January. No litter pick was held in February but in March’s litter pick waste was collected in 3 separate bags: landfill, recycling and compost. This means a direct comparison of waste collected in January and March is not possible but it will be interesting to compare the results of the April litter pick.

Unfortunately we have temporarily had to stop collecting all the recycling streams except the council recycling as our homemade recycling bins were deemed unsuitable. We are now trying to fundraise for some cardboard recycling bins so we can reinstate the recycling as soon as possible.


January 2019

Our anti-litter campaign was launched this month at the Eco Committee Meeting. Class Reps were shown a presentation, including a quiz ( on what litter is, litter in Scotland, why litter is a bad thing and why people drop litter. Pupils then shared this with their i-time classes. Shortly before this half of an S1 Maths class did a litter pick of the school grounds during the period straight after morning break and took it back to Maths to work with their findings. Each month there will be different campaigns and the S1 class will do a monthly litter pick to investigate which campaign is most effective. We are also slowly introducing new waste recycling streams. This month 2 bins appeared in the dining hall for Argyll & Bute Council recycling (paper, plastic & aluminium) as well as a bin in the entrance foyer for dental products (all brands of plastic toothbrushes, electric & battery operated toothbrush heads and toothpaste tubes, as well as their respective packaging)  and another one for a mixture of stamps, coinage, electronics and jewellery, including watches. Pupils have also been informed of a beach clean in Rhu on Sat 27th Jan at 10:00, meeting at the Ardencaple Hotel.


Recycling @ School

Unfortunately our homemade bins were deemed unsuitable so we now have to fundraise to buy bins. Until we manage this, only council recycling can be collected. :-(


Great news! We can now recycle:

· Paper & card

· Most plastics

· Aluminium & foil

There are 2 bins for Argyll & Bute Council recycling in the dining hall (and most classroom collect this recycling too). Waste must be clean and empty.