FAB (Friends Against Bullying)

At Hermitage Academy we want our children and young people to feel safe and secure, able to build positive relationships with peers and with adults and achieve the best that they are capable of. The health and wellbeing of all children and young people is central to this and proactive approaches to anti-bullying help young people maintain good social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Hermitage Academy has a well established and embedded practice of involving S6 pupils in supporting the school’s commitment to preventing bullying. This group of S6 volunteers is the FAB group and is widely recognised as an example of good practice in prevention of bullying and supporting pupils.

The FAB group are responsible for a great deal of bullying prevention work within the school of which there are more details in the school's anti-bullying policy.

The overarching principle of FAB is that all staff and pupils should be Friends Against Bullying and support this ethos at Hermitage Academy.

What do we do?

FAB meets on Friday afternoons to learn important communication and counselling skills, causes of bullying behaviour and stratgeies to prevent and deal with bullying. We also visit local Primary schools to help support the P7 pupils prior to transition to S1, and contribute to the PSE programme by delivering anti-bullying lessons.

Members are available every lunch and break, around the school to stop bullying in the grounds. This also paired with the S1 buddy scheme, where every first year has a sixth year buddy with whom they can confide any problems they have.

If you have any worries or issues or just need someone to talk to, FAB is here for you.

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