• PINs
    • If your child forgets their pin or wants to change their pin, they can request this from the Canteen Staff.


  • NEC Young Scot Cards
    • Young Scot forms can be collected from School Office, please ask your child to hand this back to the Office for processing.  Young Scot Cards could take up to 2 weeks to be delivered, we will message you once we have the card.
    • Young Scot Cards can be used for contactless payment in the canteen, the canteen staff can activate the card for your child.
    • If your child has lost or broken their card, they can request a new one from the School Office.


  • Online Payments
    • You will be issued with your child’s 12 digit online number when they start at Hermitage Academy.  If you need the 12 digit number for online payments please contact Mrs Hamill, Catering Manager through School Office.
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for the balance to show on the account.
    • Cashless Catering online payment queries – 01546 604485
    • Machines in the Hall do not accept new £20 notes.  We do not have the facility to provide change.


  • “Look ups”
    • A “look up” is when your child forgets their packed lunch or lunch money for the day and the Kitchen provide their snack and lunch for them that day.  Your child should ask the Canteen Staff if they require a “look up”.  This will need to be owed to the Kitchen the next day.  Any problems, please ask for Mrs Hamill, Catering Manager through the School Office.


  • Special Dietary Requirements
    • Please contact the School Office, we will refer this to your child’s Guidance teacher and issue a “Special Diet” form to be completed by Parents and returned to the School Office, we will then pass this to the Catering Manager.


Hot School Meals £2.40


Interval 10:51 – 11:06

Lunch 12:52 – 13:42


Interval 11:21 – 11:36

Lunch 13:08 – 13:58