Forces Families

Please see below various resources for Forces Families:  


Argyll & Bute Council

Argyll & Bute Council have a Welcoming our Armed Forces Booklet which contains information about all the schools in the HALCO area, early years and childcare, the curriculum, assessment, qualifications and additional support needs.

You should have a supply of these at the school but if you require more please let me know. Also it is available online by clicking on the following link


Directorate Children and Young People – Education in Scotland

Please view this document by clicking on the following link


Forces Children Education Website

This website is designed for parents and educators to help support families moving from England to Scotland. This information has been brought together to give families an introduction to the Scottish education system; provide them with an understanding of the geography and education resources available; and to join-up the MoD (SFA and posting assignments) with local authority and schools information. Some helpful parts of this website include the following:-

A guide to the Scottish education system -

Resources for Families and Educators -


National Parent Forum of Scotland

This nutshell aims to help make the transition to Scotland as easy as possible. Moving around is a way of life for many Armed Forces families. It can often be exciting, but sometimes it can be difficult to find your feet in a new location. You can learn

  • How to find a school place for your child
  • Understanding the curriculum that is followed in Scottish schools
  • What is available to help children and young people to continue their education with as little disruption as possible