Walk a McMile a Day

Dear Stakeholder,

I would like to update you about the launch of ‘Walk a McMile a Day’.

This is a new and exciting  initiative we are starting from the 6th March 2018.

The basic premise is the same as ‘The Daily Mile’, where participants spend up to 15 minutes from start to finish, walking – jogging – running – or hopping  a mile each day.

The benefits of walking a ‘Daily Mile’ are very clear and widely published.  In a nutshell, it has been proven to improve fitness, mental and physical wellbeing and attainment.

There are a few changes with our activity, namely,  participants who register will receive a badge and a log book. They will be asked to bring their log book everyday as their miles will be tallied individually and cumulatively as we travel virtually around Scotland courtesy of Mrs Couper in Geography.

Also, it is not just for students, all staff and / or visitors who want to participate in the walk can just turn up there is no need to register.  We will be meeting every lunch time at 1:30pm at the bottom pitch from the 6th March onwards.

It is vitally important that pupils wear correct clothing for activity, therefore decent shoes, water proof jackets, umbrellas maybe even hats, scarf and gloves are a must.

I have attached a power point used at year group assemblies which provides more information about the initiative.

I hope that with your support,  we get a lot of young people having fun whilst committing and ultimately benefitting from such as simple thing as walking a ‘McMile’ a day at lunch time in school.  

Kind regards

Mr Millar