Balisong Performance for S2

Wednesday 21st November we welcomed The Baldy Bain Theatre Company who performed ‘Balisong’ to our S2's.

This unique theatre performance, designed for schools, by young performers, empowers young people to stand up, speak out and get help if a friend or classmate is carrying a knife.
The play charts the journey of three friends through the final weeks of school. They’re facing a dilemma. What should they do now that one of their friends has started carrying a knife? “Because if you know…If you know and don’t stop it. Don’t say anything… Then you might as well…be the one holding the weapon.”

The play will be performed in 95 schools across every local authority in Scotland, and is set to reach 25,000 young people over the next six months. The schools tour has also been shortlisted for the Herald Society Awards 2018 under the Partnership Award category for the work in partnership between NKBL, Fast Forward and Strange Town. The play has been created using a peer-theatre approach. This approach engages directly with young people’s ideas, opinions and experiences of knife crime and uses their daily experience as the catalyst and inspiration for the story. This approach ensures the project is led by young people, for young people.

Along with the play, a post-performance workshop will draw out key themes from the play and ask the audience to reflect on the central question: what would you do if someone you knew was carrying a knife?