Travelling Safely Presentations S2, S3 and S4

On Friday 25th November we welcomed Carolyn Biggs, Ambulance Technician from Scottish Ambulance Service, Iain Hunter, Community Firefighter from Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and PC Colin Campbell and Marc Higgins from the British Transport Police. Each of our partners gave a very interesting, valuable and informative presentation on several important topics for our young people.

Carolyn Biggs, a former pupil, told to the young people what they should do if they are ever at the scene of an accident. This included some very basic First Aid.
Iain Hunter, a regular to our school, talked about the role of the Fire Service and the importance of wearing seatbelts and the dangers associated when drivers are distracted by their passengers.
PC Colin Campbell and PC Marc Higgins spoke about crossing the road safely, focussing particularly on the need to pay attention when wearing headphones or looking at mobile phones.

Our young people seemed to get a lot out of the presentations and behaved extremely well throughout.

A huge thank-you to all.