Senior School Council

Office Bearers:

Chair: Chlöe Murphy

Secretary: Felicity Ap-Rhisiart

Vice Chair: Isobel Thomson

Vice Secretary: Amelia Bastable

Key Staff Member: Mr R. Millar

Mission statement:

To allow all pupils the stage to share their voice, and allow pupils to take learning into their own hands.


Chlöe Murphy

Lucy Harrison

Jake Miller

Kirsty Fraser

Peter Gait

Felicity Ap-Rhisiart

Anne Young

Corrie Fletcher

Amelia Bastable

Kara Bruce

Grace Lewis

Connor Galletly



Isobel Thomson

Henrik Oliver

Tabitha Weir

Abby McSorley



Megan Rowat

Callum Laing

Charlie Fanshawe

Mia Rooney


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