BookCase Zambia

In 2016, Mis Baird spent a month in Zambia volunteering as a Teacher in a junior school called Highlands Primary School in Livingstone.  While there she met many pupils that loved to read but didn’t have access to books. She explains,  

"I had brought over some children’s novels and in the morning during their literacy lesson I would read to the pupils.  Many pupils would then ask to borrow the books and then bring them back the next day.  This system worked well and we decided to develop it by buying more children’s books. This is where we found difficulty as there are not many places to purchase children’s novels in Livingstone.  We bought two suitcases and separated them into Grade 1-4 and Grade 5-8 and tried to get as many age appropriate books for the pupils.  A group of Grade 6 pupils were set up and trained as book monitors and are organising a library system.  The aim is to increase the amount of books available to borrow and develop the literacy skills of the pupils at Highlands Primary School."

Last year was the first year of BookCase Zambia and the video below shows Miss Baird's time at Highland's Primary School and the aim of Bookcase Zambia.

Last year as a school we sent 500 books to Zambia. If you look at the Gallery you will see pictures so far..

This year we are trying to send even more!!

If you have any used children's books aged 3-18 in good condition. If you could hand them into the School office for the attention of Miss Baird and a note of the name of the person who is handing them in.  

Each book has a sticker on it with the name of the person who has donated it, so the pupils know the book came from a real person in Scotland.