Visit to Westminster

The RRS visit to London was organised in conjunction with Brendan O’Hara MP and its aim was to act as the pinnacle of our Outright Campaign. Since November 2017 we have been working tirelessly to accumulate support for a change in the UK Family Reunion Law, which currently allows refugee children to travel from war torn counties to reunite with family in the UK. They have no protection during this journey and are frequently subject to exploitation and have little chance of reaching safety in the UK. We have been campaigning to the UK government to change this law and protect these children so they reach their family here in the UK, safely.  

The work we have done:

  • Assemblies to raise awareness of the campaign
  • Set up a petition and canvased our school and local community
  • Organised the S1 RRS day with a focus on Refugee Children
  • Created posters in support of the campaign
  • Written letters to our MP Brendan O’Hara
  • We met with Mr O’Hara in November 2017 and performed a press release via the local media to raise awareness within our local community with the support of Mr O’Hara
  • Mr O’Hara has pledged his support to the cause through speaking out and supporting a Private Members Bill introduced by Angus MacNeil MP, this Bill received its second reading after being supported by a variety of Political Parties on the 16th March 2018. The hope is that MP’s will vote to make changes to the law.
  • During  this second reading at Parliament Brendan O’Hara spoke out in favour of the campaign and spoke about the passion and commitment shown by Hermitage Academy’s RRS in bringing this issue to the forefront of the local and wider community.


The visit to London was organised to show our committeeman to the campaign by handing over our petition, letters and posters to Mr O’Hara. We also were fortunate enough to enjoy the Lion King Stage show on Wednesday 20th June, on the Thursday we met with Brandon O’Hara MP and Angus MacNeil MP at Parliament to have an update on the progress of the camping, we then were given a tour of parliament and complete the peoples parliament workshop, which allowed us to understand how we can raise awareness of issues we feel passionate about to lead to positive change within our country.