Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Mathematics

The Advanced Higher Mathematics Course enables learners to select and apply complex mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations. Learners interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form, while exploring more advanced techniques.

The Advanced Higher course consists of 3 internal units:

Unit 1: Methods in Algebra and Calculus.

Unit 2: Applications of Algebra and Calculus.                                                                                  

Unit 3: Geometry, Proofs and Systems of Equations.

At the end of each unit, pupils will sit an internal Unit assessment which must be passed in order to sit the end of course examination.
After pupils have completed the course, achieved a pass in each of the three internal Units and performed satisfactorily in their Prelim examination, they will be presented for an end of course examination.

End of Course Examination

The SQA examination comprises of 1 paper. 
The paper is a Calculator paper with a time limit of 3 hours.
The grades are awarded using the following criteria (pass rates can vary slightly from year to year): 
Grade A – 70% and above.
Grade B – 60% - 69%
Grade C – 50 – 59%
Grade D – 40 – 49%
No Award – Less than 40%

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