Transition 2021-2022

Hooked on Hermitage Transition 2021-22

A message for our current P7 pupils.

Welcome to Hermitage Academy Transition

Please click on the link below to hear a short welcome message.

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Hooked on Hermitage Primary 7 Parental Informtation Evening 1 (28th April 2021)

Hooked on Hermitage Presentation with accessible links


Bus Timetables and Locations


The following videos have been created to support you in your transition to Hermitage Academy.


Video 3

This video was created by our pupils with the support of the Drama department to provide an insight into what to expect at Hermitage Academy. In this video, the pupils visit each of the departments and talk us through their experience of moving to Hermitage Academy. They also share some words of wisdom to those pupils who will be joining us at the school. There are some aspects of the video where it may be difficult to hear so we have added subtitles to help you (just click the subtitles icon on the video).


Video 5 - The PE Department Welcome Video


Video 6 - The Art Department Welcome Video


Video 7 - The Technical Department Welcome Video


Video 8 - The Mathematics Department Welcome Video


Video 9 - The Biology Department Welcome Video


Video 10 - The Chemistry and Physics Department Welcome Video


Video 11 - The Music and Drama Department


Please find a list of FAQ’s that have been collated via the Google Forms. If you have not managed to submit a form and have a question about the transition then please click on the following link.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and with social distancing measures there may be some instances where we cannot provide an answer. However, please be assured that as new developments take place we will provide further updates to ensure that all questions are answered accurately.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the children be told what class they will be going into?

When these classes are confirmed, a letter and a copy of your child’s class and timetable along with any other important documentation will be posted to you. Your child should bring their timetable with them on the induction day which is still planned to go ahead on Monday 17th August 2020


Can I top up the cashless catering online?

Yes. We will issue you with a letter on the induction day which is still planned for Monday 17th August 2020. This will provide you with the contacts and instructions on how to set up an online payment. However, we do ask that your child bring cash for the first few days whilst this process is being confirmed. It also allows us to use the time on the induction day to demonstrate how to do a manual top up.


Does the school offer the opportunity to purchase school ties and blazers?

We will update you with regard to when the ties can be sold. The ties are stocked and can only be purchased in the school. We will be able to sell them when we are given the go-ahead and we will contact you to let you know. The school office will be staffed throughout the summer holiday so there is plenty of time. The ties cost £4 and we would ask that where possible could you please bring the exact amount.

The school blazers are not a compulsory part of the school uniform but they are available to purchase at


When will we be available to rent a locker?

We will be able to rent out lockers when we are given the go-ahead to do so. The school office will be staffed throughout the summer holiday so there is plenty of time. We will contact you to give you those exact details when we have them. The lockers cost £10 and this will cover the period from August 2020 through to end of June 2021. At this stage, you can renew for a further year. When paying could you please bring the exact amount.


Stationery wise, can they use Biro pens or is it recommended they use pencils?

We would ask that pupils come to school equipped with both pens and pencils. There will be specific classes where they will be asked to use pencil only but there will be instances where they will be required to use pen. This varies from department to department. For example, in Science they are asked to write in blue and black pen but must use pencils to draw graphs. Whereas in Maths, we ask them to use a pencil and rubber at all times.


For PE are the colours for shorts and t-shirt on the uniform list compulsory or can they wear any colours as long as it's appropriate for school? Can sports leggings be worn for PE?

We like to try and get the pupils to wear red/black/white tops and dark coloured bottoms, but it is not compulsory. There are strictly no football colours to be worn.

Yes they can wear appropriate sports leggings

Under the current circumstances, we do not have the Hermitage PE kit in stock at the moment but we will keep you updated when school returns in August.


We are wondering about what rules you use to split the year group into classes and what the chances are of our child being with a friend or two?

We have had extensive meetings with our primary colleagues to support the classing arrangements. There are a number of factors to consider classing. As we now operate with a house structure, we have to ensure that siblings have the same guidance teacher to ensure greater communication and consistency with families, If your chid is in 1C2 then they will have a sibling in 2C2, 3C2, 4C2, 5C2 or 6C2 depending on which year the sibling is in. If your child requires pupil support then this is a factor and they are placed in an appropriate class. Also, we ensure that your child is placed with some pupils from the same primary. Our discussions with P7 colleagues also helps us to better class and pair/group pupils as they know them best in a learning and social environment. We always do a thorough check and share classes with guidance, pupil support and our cluster primaries to ensure we have done everything we can to get them off to a good start.


Our child is keen to know when she can choose subjects and how many she can choose?

The first opportunity that your child will get to choose subjects is at the end of S2. In S2, you have the opportunity to specialise in certain subjects and you must you must also continue to do PE core, Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) and Health and Wellbeing (HWB). In S3 your child will have a free choice of 8 subjects which will then be refined to 7 in S4. The subjects chosen in S4 will be those in which your child will sit SQA exams.